5 things I learned when I “found” my voice

First – It allows me the opportunity to be more aligned in the areas of my life that are most important to me.

Second – It prevents my life from slipping away in someone else’s hands. I think most of us in one way or another can relate in what the opposite can feel like (not feeling whole or not feeling properly cared for and treated by medical personnel).

Third – It allows me the opportunity to zero in on and identify my must-haves and simultaneously, cut out what doesn’t serve my wellbeing and long-term goals. This is not in a selfish act, but a mindful and well-thought-out analytical approach to both the big picture and fine detail aspects.

Fourth – It has taught me to set boundaries across the board (work, personal, medical). Healthy, sustainable, positive boundaries are the “new” me.

Fifth – It has made me more trusting of myself and more adaptable.  Considering I’m listening to my intuition when using my newfound voice, I am at peace when I make moves, when I make decisions, when I potentially flip something on its head. You never know how a conversation with a doctor will go, a loved one, or a boss – how could we, we’re not mind readers – so it has made me learn to adapt quicker and appreciate my flexibility and level-headedness when a transition, road block, or clear path is in front of me.   

I’m curious to know – have you found your voice? What led to this?  How has it improved your life or have you encountered difficulties through the process?

As I’ve touched on before, none of us really know what amount of time we’ll have here on Earth. I can say I hope for the best and will be steadfastly seeking optimal health through the decades of my life.

One thing that has become crystal clear to me is that we are the one in the greatest charge of how our life plays out. Each “yes” and “no” we respond with guides us down our path, our destiny if you will.

I strive to live a fulfilling, healthy, and whole life. I’m confident in those who surround me, those I’m fortunate enough to call my loved ones, and those that share in a similar vision.

I hope you live the life you’ve dreamt of.

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