About Me

I am Shelby Ramsey, an active, professional woman in my 30s whose goal is to provide you, a fellow migraine sufferer, with hope, encouragement, and information.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies with emphasis in Communication from Chapman University, with post-graduate work at University of San Diego. I played competitive volleyball for several years and have studied a wide variety of physical exercise regimens and healthy eating practices.

I am a member of the national Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) and in addition to blogging, am a contributing writer on health topics to newspapers.

My goal is to share my experiences with migraines with you and endeavor to be an uplifting person of support during your own journey with this debilitating condition.

As I have embarked on THM blog, it has become clear to me how passionate I am about bringing more awareness to medical conditions that are so prevalent, yet under-represented in the media.  I will be dedicated to this endeavor and encourage you to reach out to me about any condition that you may be struggling with.  Through conversations, philanthropic efforts, and providing information to society, I know we will become a stronger, more supportive community. 

I am excited to have you join me as a reader/participant! Effective treatment therapies, positive thinking, and mindful living has led to the greatest reward of all for me – better health, greater happiness, and satisfying confidence.

“My hope is to create a sense of community, where we share our journeys and lift each other up.”

Shelby Ramsey, The Honest Migraine

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