Discover the hidden blessings in change

Change is something I love and loathe. In the most Breakfast Club of descriptions, I’m an adventurer, roll the dice, reserved, empathetic, and optimist at heart. Change challenges us. It tests us in ways we sure wouldn’t test ourselves.

My life changed without notice 7 years ago at the onset of meningitis and migraine. It scared me. It was foreign and it catapulted me in a direction I had never been nor imagined I’d be in. But boy am I blessed to have gone through this transformational period. I wouldn’t be who I am today otherwise. I know that sounds cliché. But it goes far deeper than I could ever put in words.

It’s changed everything: the type of friend I am, the type of daughter, the type of partner. I’m grateful for the lessons, the lifestyle changes, the new friendships, the lost friendships, the growth, the education, the disappointments, and the understanding of how so many elements play a part in our wellbeing.

I went from changing my day-to-day activities, workouts, work schedule, personal relationships, and down time.

I love how I eat now, how I spend my free time, what my loved ones and I do on weekends, how my health and migraine treatments have evolved and become so successful, and the qualities in my inner circle.

No amount of money could entice me to go back to my previous pre-migraine life. I haven’t lost anything. I’ve only gained.

I’m that happy and fulfilled today. I’m consistent – I show up at all my medical appointments, eager for treatment, nearly militant in certain daily habits that I know help me.

I have a new found resilience that will be with me going forward. And you know what? It’s just the beginning. I have so much more life to live.

What is my anchor? The wholeness of great health. Compare it to freshly-sprouted buds on a plant. I started out seven years with buds on my “plant of health.” Today those buds have sprouted into healthy, vibrant leaves.  Each leaf represents an integral part of my whole health.

I know it is not a one-size fits all answer for migraine wellness, for optimal fibromyalgia management, or for chronic fatigue syndrome. With an array of medications, treatments, natural remedies, and lifestyle changes, I dearly hope you find the combination that works best for you.

I hope The Honest Migraine influences you to invest in yourself and your best health. I will always do the best I can to illuminate the path of positivity for you. Whether it is to give you a round of applause or a virtual hug for your migraine journey successes, you can count on me! 

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