Find your best vibrational frequency; set boundaries

Recall my surprise when learning from my primary care doctor that Botox was a treatment option for migraine? It certainly became a joyous occasion once treatments were underway and proving to be a remedy for me. 

Had my response to my doctor been pessimistic or resistant, I may not have received the treatment and be in the stable health I am today.

I flowed with it, flowed with knowledge, education, and curiosity. I had researched and aligned with my neurologist, the treatment plan, and went into the process with open arms.    

I mindfully chose to flow and not fight. I’m not here to fight my body, fight my co-workers, fight my partner, or anyone else. However, I openly communicate, set boundaries, find balance, and show up daily in a positive mindset. Consistency is key.

I intuitively measure how my doctors, medication, time spent, people I interact with and environment make me feel. I tap into my emotions.

My boundaries change as my mindset, health, and any repercussions arise. “It becomes very important to understand the attributes of chronic illness and to define it in a manner that reflects that boundaries change. Through the meanings they convey, they influence and guide the way in which a person is treated and influence the attitudes that are held by both practitioners and lay people about particular diagnoses.”*

If it feels good, I keep following the path. If I’m wary and I feel like I have knots in my stomach, I reorganize, research, and re-route by taking positive action.   

I dedicate more time and energy to those paths with a higher vibrational frequency. Have you ever heard that term? All humans and objects have a vibrational frequency. The higher the frequency of your vibration (your energy), the lighter you feel emotionally, physically, and mentally.

I continue to allow my energy and health to align at the exact degree that is optimal for me. Being met with resistance isn’t a feeling I appreciate, but sometimes it is important, and can be brought into our path in order for a lesson to be learned. 

I think once we learn the channel our body does best on, we adapt, fine tune it to our liking, and decide we don’t want to be on a channel with static.

Migraine inspired me to set new boundaries. To be blunt, it made me set boundaries, period. I have come to fully understand my “must-haves.” I need adequate sleep. I need balanced meals. I need a calming relationship. Suffice it to say, these are non-negotiables. 

When it comes to adequate sleep, I stay aware of what time it is so I can allow my body the proper wind-down time before falling asleep. Let’s call it a “detox from the day.” I may stop a movie half way through – intentionally – to start my evening routine. I’ll resume and finish the movie the following evening. I don’t have to be on a marathon to the end. It’ll still be there; there’s no dire rush. On the other hand, sleep is crucial to me. I want to be alert, refreshed, and energized for the days to come. 

Food-wise, I’ve established boundaries with sweets / sugar-packed snacks. I enormously value fruit (especially berries) and the benefits in each bite, but I have a clear hereditary link to diabetes. I do not want to become diabetic, so I am mindful of not creating more risk factors for it.

I implemented a change where I have a small amount of fruit each day as a treat – not as the main event, or an ongoing snack choice. While fruit is definitely a better choice than some others, sugar is sugar, natural or not. Fruit is high in sugar. When I listened to my body, I realized fruit was increasing my appetite and I would “crash” around noon each day. My new program offers me longer endurance, clarity in how my body reacts, and something to look forward to. 

What I can’t get nutrient-wise with food each day, I supplement with vitamins. I don’t overdo it. As I get a full, fasting blood panel done each year with my physical, I work closely with my physician to learn of any areas my blood work may be lacking in and I fill that tank back up with vitamins.

I’ve never felt more at peace with my health and overall well-being than I do now.  I understand that we have to protect our energies and set boundaries to cultivate the stable health, happiness, and lifestyle of our choosing. I also understand that not everyone views life that way. I respect that. We all get to choose what we want life to be.    

At times, boundaries are tested. Someone you interact with today may be grouchy. Health conditions can be like a windmill – some days it goes round smoothly and at ease and other days it can be stagnant or something causes it to get caught up and stuck. 

“Boundaries define us. They define what is me and what is not me.”**

“Boundaries aren’t inherited. They are built.”*

Each person has at least one challenge in their life – whether it’s battling migraine, their weight, getting enough exercise, a personal matter, job stress, or a chronic condition/disease.  

I firmly believe that compassion is key to connecting with one another. It can be helpful to huddle up with family and friends and talk about how we are planning to successfully overcome our challenges.

And you know what, you’re not running alone; it’s a community effort.

Drown out the “boos” and turn up the volume on the cheers and high-fives. We’ve got this! 

*Recognizing the changing boundaries of illness in defining terms of chronic illness: a prelude to understanding the changing needs of people with chronic illness by Christine Walker.

**Boundaries, Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend.

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