Flip the “script” – literally, on your prescription

Accept things and never ask questions;

Debate things and go back and forth;

Decline things after a thorough analysis.

We likely could all say each of those hypotheticals have occurred in our medical lives at some point in time. Is there a solid theme amongst your choice of the three? Food for thought.

You’re having symptoms. Doesn’t it always start there? A doctor or medical professional diagnoses you with a medical condition. Depending on what it is, treatment options and prescriptions may be bountiful or meek.

Your stress could be peaking. It can be hard to think straight. Ever felt a paralyzing fear? 

When flooded with emotions, unknowns, and decisions, I find it important to flip the script. Heck, you can flip the script on the entire process. But specifically – today – let’s flip the script solely on prescriptions offered to you.

Here’s how you flip it.

Ask your doctor what they would take if they were diagnosed with the medical condition. 

They’ve gone to medical school, likely very familiar with the medication (side effects, successes, challenges upon consuming it), and have witnessed patients’ progress, experience and more through the whole process of the prescription in tandem with the medical condition they have been diagnosed with. Therefore, what would they do? They are kind of watching a science experiment unfold at all times. 

If they are recommending a unique supplement or vitamin, is there an FDA-approved one on the market?

Let me tell you, there’s always room for more knowledge and input. I was recently surprised to learn of an FDA supplement that I didn’t know existed in a class that is rare. Most people haven’t known there was an FDA-approved option.  

I’m in the process of learning the out-of-pocket cost for that because when there are so many over the counter ones on the market, health insurance would prefer not to pay for the one FDA-approved option. I get it, but there is so much to gain health wise for the FDA-approved one.  Time will tell how it all pans out. I’ll do my best to have the ability to integrate this particular one into my daily regimen. 

Understand what is in the medicine, vitamin, or supplement. Still more questions? Ask again. There is no shame in inquiring at every stage – with your doctor, pharmacist, your health insurance company, medical group, or by contacting the drug company. 

Also – while they may taste better – likely the “gummies,” the versions that are coated in sugar may be best to sidestep. We really don’t need the coating, do we? 

If a medication is tough to “get down the hatch,” I follow my late grandmother’s recipe of taking it with a spoonful or two of Greek yogurt. That is such an easy solution. There are other options out there if you are interested! Some people prefer a spoon of applesauce!

Now, we do have to take some things (supplements / vitamins / more) at face value. If they are stating on the back of the bottle that you are getting 200 IUs of Vitamin C then … we assume that is true. Work with your doctor, pharmacist or do you own due diligence (research) on which brand, which dosage, etc. is right for you and your health.  

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