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Cambia medication for migraine

While my Botox® treatments were religiously on schedule, my neurologist had me carry emergency medication, just to be safe. It is important not to let the headaches back in to take control.

I quickly found my two favorites – the ones that worked the best for me – Cambia® and Sumavel DosePro®.

Cambia is a medication that comes in powder form and is mixed into one to two ounces of water by the patient.

Sumavel DosePro was, at the time, a needle-free injectable that I would insert into my lower abdomen or upper thigh. It is no longer on the market, but I carry Cambia with me, as it is easy to use at a restaurant or on the go if I start getting a migraine.  It’s my go-to.  I have 100% success with it each time, taking about 30 minutes to one hour to work. I don’t experience any side effects from Cambia.

Sumavel DosePro, although evidently not on the market anymore, also left a positive impression on me. I would only administer this medication if at home though, because I would get some dizziness and lightheadedness after using it. Sometimes I’d get a bit flush too. It was a little intimidating to administer as it generated a noticeable “pop” sound. Administering the medicine is incredibly fast once you apply pressure to an area of skin that you pinched. In my opinion, that short duration of pain was worth the relief.   

Coming next: Consistency is key