Honesty can be intimidating, but empowering

As children we start off with no filter. Honesty is a given. We live through the cringe-worthy comments, serious feelings, to roll-on-the-floor laughing moments. So why is it that as the years, the decades go by, honesty is less of a staple and more of a luxury?

I’m not only zeroing in on honesty in regards to health – but also personal relationships, friendships, and the workplace. They can all be plagued with people skirting around the issues, creating uncomfortable interactions, and perpetrating half-truths. 

2014 was a monumental year for me. And each year since then I’ve continued to step into my power and work on what serves my highest good. It kicked off newness all around. After being hospitalized with meningitis, and my world being taken over by migraine, honesty and straightforward decision-making were two necessities. 

Leading up to that point I absolutely maintained “friendships” that weren’t for my highest good, ones that drained me, that were one-sided or just plain unhealthy. I wasn’t honest with my health, nor was I listening to my body. I also hadn’t been honest in recognizing and acknowledging my feelings about the healthcare I was receiving. And the reality was that it was subpar at best.

So, thank you 2014. Thank you for the downs that led to the ups. Thank you for waking me up all around. Thank you for showing me that truth and honesty are critical to a happy and healthy life. This is a trait that I am dedicated to instilling in younger generations in my life. 

Being my own advocate, requesting a neurologist and being denied one, led to be being honest with my healthcare providers – it was the end of pleasantries, they were fired.

You’ll notice I touch on “emotion” here and there. When I met with my newly-researched providers, I wanted to make sure I was present and felt the emotions they brought out in me. I felt secure, confident, and that I was on the right path after my initial consultations.

I’m happy to say now, in 2021, I have a solid analytical / emotional balance in all aspects of my life. The reward is priceless. There’s simply no dollar amount I can place on my balance.

Honesty has marched to the forefront in my life. If I’m worn down or have a migraine, saying “no” to dinner with a friend is A-OK in my book. If a person in my life is toxic, I feel confident to remove myself from any ties to that person. It’s invigorating. It’s also making me healthier. I want to do whatever is in my power to be alive to see my grandchildren!

Honesty means you are taking responsibility for both your feelings and your actions.

Honesty is interlinked with integrity – you are who you say you are. Consistency plays into it – you are who you are in every setting of your life. I can happily say that today I am the same person in public as behind closed doors. The bonds and my relationships are pure, are as close to equal parts giving and taking, are fulfilling and most of all – honest. 

It wasn’t easy though. We are influenced by those we surround ourselves with and day-to-day life can wear anyone down.

Honesty, consistency, and integrity require work. It’s good work though. The more honest you are with yourself and the way you live – the more enriched life will feel. 

Honesty also means checking in with yourself and acknowledging shifts as they occur in your life. Whether it be with health, family, relationships, or work. We need to stay aware of where we are headed and of any detours we choose to make.

Remember, you are in the driver’s seat of your life – never forget that.

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