The power of living in the now

I’m here today to write about how impactful and healthy it can be to live in the now. I’m not even going to touch on the use of electronic devices and its contribution to furthering detachment from society. This segment is solely dedicated to being present with your [fill in the blank] (i.e., current job, partner, family dynamic, grade in school, medical condition, so on and so forth).

The present. That’s right, not the past and not the dreamable future.  The here and now. Breathing in and out intentionally, living your life with confidence, and focusing your attention on what’s real and present.

Do you find yourself skating through the day wondering how you ended up where you are at 5 p.m.? Did it seem like you were on auto pilot?

Do you find yourself enamored with something in your past? Reminder: that’s the past. Why not learn from the past and put fresh energy into creating a great present time and future?

Do you find yourself unable to listen to your medical provider on new treatment options because the last one you tried didn’t work? You’ll never know what a new approach can bring until you release the angst and discomfort from the failure of that last one.

I’ve come to witness many who replay the same events and memories in their mind (from weeks to years ago). It doesn’t accomplish much. I’d lean to say it’s more detrimental, so much so, that they aren’t present today.

There comes a point when it can be compared to a washing machine’s spin cycle being broken / on overload and the machine is just shaking erratically and can’t properly spin to finish the cycle. Basically, the red light comes on until you fix it.

Need someone to talk to in order to get past living in the past and embrace today? A counselor? A sister? A long-time friend? With the right support and team, it’ll put you on a new, present, grateful path.

My tight circle and I live for today. We all come from different backgrounds, have taken various paths, and have experienced a multitude of experiences.

A good friend of mine opened her eyes and listened to her intuition recently about a life matter. She displayed confidence, experienced clarity, and was proactive in the now. I’m proud of her. I know it’s not easy. What’s easy is shifting back to the “what ifs” and “this situation will remedy itself” and “I’m too nervous to make a change.”

There’s a mix of resources we all use to assist in staying in the ‘now’ – some choose weekly therapy sessions, some find balance and benefit from a close friends’ monthly video chat, some confide in their partner, and others feel it’s best to keep it within and work through personal matters on a solo basis. Between the school drop offs, flights for business meetings, and medical appointments, it’s like we are all being summoned seven different directions and throughout the day trying to re-center to be present for ourselves, those that need us, and those we need.

On the other hand, fantasizing about the future can lead to assumptions and lead to harder times of finding clarity and processing the events of today. Likely because as they say, “You have your head in the clouds.”

This is where I believe trust comes into play. If you wholeheartedly trust yourself, you’ll find it easier to make decisions, seek out medical treatment, and decide what is truly best for you in all realms of life.

Trusting yourself does not eliminate the nerves you get before making a big move, any emotions you experience, or the ultimate outcome – it simply gives you peace of mind and internal happiness. Or so it does me. I wholeheartedly trust the big decisions in life I’ve made thus far and that trust has provided me with a lot of joy.

By backing yourself with 100% trust, what I’ve found is that there’s no reason to look back. Nothing is pulling at my heartstrings from the past. I’m here living in the now and thankful for it.

Life isn’t a cake walk for anyone – no matter how much some try to convince you of such. It takes effort by you. Whether it’s mental, medical, physical, emotional… you’ve got what it takes. I’ve got faith in you. The now is a gift. You’ll never get back this day, the moments laughing and loving, the feeling of a new day.

I also promise you that living in the now – whether it be glorious, uncomfortable, uncertain, silly, or plain new to you – it’s very much worth it. Time is all we have. I make a conscious effort to use mine wisely. I hope you choose to too – and choose you.

I trust in the medical treatment options I receive throughout the year. I trust and am confident in my doctors. I trust in my personal and professional relationships. But you know what’s worth more than all that? That I trust myself. I trust myself with my decisions and that leads to a happy heart and a woman who keeps putting one foot in front of the other paving her way onward.

It’s kind of linked to loving yourself. Before you can unconditionally love another, loving yourself is the main ingredient to the recipe of a fulfilling, happy, and long-lasting commitment.

A good doctor wants you to trust them. And in order to receive accurate care its vital to trust them by sharing the symptoms, limitations, and strides you are making day by day with your medical conditions.

Trust serves as the foundation for strong partnerships. Trust boosts your mood. Trust decreases anxiety and regret. Trust can open doors for you that you never knew existed.

Live with intention. Strengthen your trust muscle. Believe in yourself.  Because if you don’t love, trust, and believe in yourself – why would anyone else?

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