Vibrational currency – how, when, and why to invest in yourself

No matter the day or time – I observe and regulate how I dole out my energy. I look at it as protecting my vibrational frequency.

There are times I feel like throwing it around like confetti (when positivity surrounds me), but other times I want to collect it and bottle it up (when negativity is trying to erode my mood).

My message is be selective with your energy – keep your positive energy high. Don’t allow negative energy any room. Think about who you really want to spend your time with, where you want to spend it, and how you want to spend it. It is all part of the vibrational “game.”

Well known actor, Drew Barrymore has said, “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve really wanted to find more balance and calm.”* I feel that way myself.  

I’m a big believer that maintaining good health is closely intertwined with energy levels.  

I frequently try to stop and “see my reflection.” It’s impressed me that reflection equals direction. 

Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, has said, “Let the person be wholly who they are.”** I firmly live by this quote.

And as the days pass on and I hopefully gain more wisdom, it’s a set in stone pillar. In similar form, my younger cousin who is heading off to college in the fall used this saying. I reassured her that it truly is one of the best pieces of life advice.  What a beautiful thing – to hear an 18-year-old say this and truly mean it.

I think it goes without saying that if a person chooses to live their life with an uplifting mindset – savor it. If you so choose. If you want that influence. I surely do.

I savor that outlook. It gains more respect from me. That is my opinion. On the flip side, if a person (let’s even get more specific and say a doctor), chooses to promote negativity and pessimism – let them be that way. But it shouldn’t stop you from finding the polar opposite of that individual and letting the new person take their place in your life. 

We are in control of many elements in our life.  To be honest, it can be a lot. It can be overwhelming, especially when juggling multiple competing priorities. Life can also get complicated when managing and trying to get questions answered on ailments, acute or chronic health conditions, and disease.

Hypothetically count your current vibrational energy level on a $1 – $100 scale.  Present day, I’d say my vibrational bank account is at about $90. When I did the “math,” the situations and/or people that account for the $10 came straight to mind. I know what I need to do. And I will. 

Life is amazing, sometimes confusing, but precious. Criticism, selfishness, and lack of positive health advancement just doesn’t cut it for me.  

Most of us working folks have very little “free – me time.” I prefer the off time to not be saturated with stress, put downs, or things that do not serve my highest good. 

Jesse Itzler, owner of the NBA’s Atlanta hawks and successful entrepreneur has said, “Time is the most precious resource there is – you have to protect it.”***

Why invest in yourself? Don’t you want more money in your bank (physical wellbeing) account? It’s a parallel universe. Your vibration can bring in, restrict or keep things at a plateau in your life – across the board.

No category is immune to our vibrational frequency. 


**Source: Sara Blakely’s Instagram (@sarablakely)


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